Research Services

Research Services Contract

Client Name:  ___________________________________________      Date: __________

I would like to contract ______ hours of genealogical research, at a rate of $50 per hour as follows:

Specific Research Goals: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I agree that Research will be conducted under the following conditions:

  1. A specific goal will be defined and discussed prior to the start of the project.
  2. All previous research bearing on the research goal must be provided prior to the start of the project. If failure to provide relevant information results in duplication of previous research, charges for this research will still apply.
  3. Any unused funds will be returned to the client
  4. Additional expenses, including but not limited to copy costs, parking costs, facility costs will be charged at cost, in addition to my hourly research rate listed above.
  5. Travel costs will not be charged in most cases. Any travel outside of regular repositories may be charged, only after discussion with, and approval by, the client.
  6. Any outstanding balance will be due at the conclusion of the research project. The final research report will be delivered only after the balance has been paid.
  7. The client acknowledges that the Researcher can make no guarantees regarding what information, if any, may be found, although every reasonable effort will be made by the Researcher to find the desired information within the time allotted by the Client.
  8. The Researcher will perform research or other services requested by the Client as an independent contractor, adhering to professional standards in genealogy, including the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Board for Certification of Genealogists and the Standards recommended by the National Genealogical Society. Copies will be furnished upon request.

The hourly research rate of $50 per hour includes construction of a research plan, evidence collection and analysis and accurate and precise research reporting.  Negative findings and unsuccessful searches are considered part of the research process.  The research report, including copies of all evidence, will be provided digitally in PDF format, via online delivery.  If paper copies are desired in addition to the digital copies, additional charges will apply.


Signed:  __________________________________________         Date:  _____________



Signed:  __________________________________________        Date:  ______________