Welcome to Twin Oaks Genealogy!

The journey to finding our ancestors is filled with many adventures.  Some ancestors are really easy to locate, others have the ability to cause concussions from banging our head into what some affectionately refer to as a Brick Wall.  As we tackle the histories of our ancestors, we learn many things along the way and sharing the experiences may help others to avoid the same wrong turns. Or possibly give someone a good chuckle as they either relate to the experience or were lucky enough to have by-passed it…for now!

If you are someone who likes to do puzzles (isn’t that a requirement for genealogists??) then consider genealogy a thousand piece puzzle. Have you ever worked one of those puzzles where the piece fit real nice…until you looked at the picture?  Then realized that several pieces could fit in the same spot???  Just because a piece appears to ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean that is the place it is supposed to fit.  The same applies to our ancestors! Welcome to Genealogy!

Putting the puzzle pieces together is challenging, addicting and fun.  Keeping things in perspective and allowing ourselves to laugh at our own foibles helps to keep the search exciting.  With these thoughts in mind, the goal of this site is to enhance, share, aid and abet the researching experiences and pitfalls.

Adventures will be shared in blog posts.  Leaf Lessons will be ‘take aways’ from the experiences and helpful hints when researching in Kentucky and other states.  Acorn aids will be a place for quick references, sites and whatever else fits. Sharing what we glean from experiences helps others as well as ourselves in locating those elusive kin folk!

Happy Hunting! and Stay Tuned!!



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