Rootstech 2020 – Wow!



Just returned from my second trip, (or should I say adventure?) to Rootstech and I’m hooked!  Although, I do have to admit that the Library is also a very big draw for me and between the two, I had a very productive, educational and enjoyable week.

Spent a week researching, learning and enjoying time with colleagues.  We flew out on Sunday and got to spend quality time in the Library.  Since Rootstech did not start until Wednesday, we had some quality time at the Library.  Exiting the elevator on B1 provided a wonderful surprise.  Those big, bulky microfilm readers are gone!  The workstations that replaced them have 2-3 monitors and a new microfilm reader.

2020-02-24 08.28.17

It was so easy to lose track of time and get lost in the research.  And. I did. More than once-no, I’m not going to say how many times!

Rootstech lived up to it’s reputation.  Great presentations, exhibits and crowds.  And, if you have never been, it is one healthy event.  The number of steps taken in one day could not help but make those step monitors happy!  Thought maybe I’d lose a bit of weight, but alas, the good food prevented that…sigh.

We arrived to beautiful skies, awesome mountain views and moderate temperatures.  The weather remained nice all week-til the day we left.  We woke to rain and then snow-but oh! the view was beautiful!.  The fresh snow clung to the trees and we were able to leave with a breathtaking view of freshly fallen snow on the mountains.

If you were unable to make it, don’t fret, several of the sessions were live streamed and can be seen at  There is also the Virtual Pass, which can be purchased, and then you have a year to sit back and enjoy.  They do come highly recommended!


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